The Middle Way is Found Between all Opposites

Written by Master Charles Cannon

The middle way is found between all opposites. Rest in the middle and find well-being wherever you are.”
Joseph Goldstein

We live in a relative reality and all experience is relative.  There are always two polarities as the basis of our life experience.  Through balance of the relative polarities… we access the middle way… or the space between them without which neither can exist.  The middle way is the gateway to true holistic reality as one blissful consciousness.

 Relative balance is really very simple.  It just demands an equal emphasis on both polarities and can easily be accomplished with focused awareness.  For example… right here and right now… focus and be aware of both the subjective interior and the objective exterior.  The subjective interior is always quiet and objective exterior is always noisy… yet they are simultaneous to each other.  If we sustain our focused awareness… the space between them… or the middle way… opens and delivers the holistic experience of blissful consciousness.

 This week… let us endeavor to use our focused awareness to create and sustain relative balance so that we might explore the experience of the middle way.  Such exploration is the secret of all great mystics and masters.

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