The moon… the full moon is inside your house.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

 “The moon… the full moon is inside your house.”

The full moon is a symbol for wholeness.  It is a metaphor for the experience of true reality as one blissful consciousness.  Such is the nature of holistic experience. 

We tend to think of the full moon as outside of us… far off in the distant heavens over our heads. Our wholeness thus is separate from us and our pursuit of it becomes goal oriented. We are forever seeking that which we believe is separate and different from us.

Rumi rather points us in the direction of true reality. Wholeness is not separate from us… but is rather our very nature and is to be found within us. The blissful consciousness of true reality is our very essence… and the essence of all and everything. Rather than seeking it illusorily outside of ourselves… we must truthfully come to rest in our innate experience of it. Has it not been said that what you seek you do not have… and what you have you do not seek?

This week… let us endeavor to be more wakeful of our innate wholeness. We already are blissful consciousness. It is our very nature and the nature of all and everything. Rather than seek it… let us more fully be it.


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