The only thing that we can know is that we know nothing...

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“The only thing that we can know is that we know nothing and that is the highest flight of reason.”
Leo Tolstoy

Long before Tolstoy… Socrates is quoted by Plato to have said the same… all I know is that I know nothing… and long before Socrates and Plato… many others in different cultures have voiced the same. So what’s the bottom-line of such wisdom statements?

Knowing is a construct of the ego-driven mind with its endless thoughts and beliefs… definitions and stories… about who we are and what life is. But from a subtler perspective… a more causative perspective… the ego-driven mind is but a limitation in essential consciousness. In this understanding… the ego-driven mind delivers fragmentation rather than wholeness as it imposes a false authority over essential consciousness. In truth… it therefore knows nothing and is ultimately recognized for the illusion that it is.

The truthful question then is who am I and what is life in the absence of ego-driven mental definitions? When the ego-driven mind is transcended… what remains? It is this holistic experience of true reality that one explores via the meditative process.

This week… understand these mechanics of meditation and endeavor to more fully explore the holistic experience of true reality. Only then… born of such experience… will you truly be able to say that all you know is that you know nothing.

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