The rain falls equally on all things.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“The rain falls equally on all things.”
Zen Saying

Have you ever really noticed how the rain falls?  It does not discriminate.  It blankets all and everything with its wetness.  This Zen saying is a metaphor for innate life or essential consciousness… insofar as it empowers all and everything… and makes all experience possible.  Without the empowerment of life… of consciousness… we have nothing.

It is in this understanding… that all great mystics have said that there is only one… one life… one consciousness.  And further… this life… this consciousness that empowers all and everything… is an innately joyous energy.  It is happy in and of itself for no reason.  If we are truthfully wakeful… there is only one blissful consciousness.

This week… let us endeavor to be more consistently wakeful of the one blissful consciousness that we all share.  First be aware of it in yourself… and then extend your awareness to all and everything.  Always remember… that in truth… there is only one.

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