There are no facts… only interpretations.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“There are no facts… only interpretations.”
Frederick Neitzsche

What is… simply is… and then there are the stories we tell about it. Remove the mind from the equation of living and there is simply the experience of Isness. Has it not been aptly said… who would you be without your stories?

The Buddha said that the greatest miracle is to be. And that means being and not just thinking about being. If we set the mind aside… with its endless interpretations… what remains? This is the brilliance of consciousness… that it can turn its awareness back upon itself and be aware of itself being.

Mental addiction is rampant in our modern world. We believe our interpretations are facts and settle for the limited experience of reality that they deliver. Rather… we must wake up to that which is forever beyond them.

This week… let us endeavor to just be. Let the mind settle itself. Be still and just be aware of being… the Isness of what is… in each moment of its happening. In this way… we can wake up and glimpse true reality.

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