There is an invisible world out there and we are living in it.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

 “There is an invisible world out there and we are living in it.”
Bill Viola

Is the world that we perceive real?  Is our version of reality true?  From a mystical perspective it is said that for the most part we do not experience true reality… but rather a limited version of it.  Modern science… quantum physics… is also pointing in the same direction.

If life is conscious energy which is innately joyful… then true reality is what is termed blissful consciousness.  It is not only our essence… but the essence of all and everything.  In this understanding… if we are experiencing true reality… we are constantly happy for no reason.  This however is not the experience of most human beings.

Rather… we limit our experience of reality with our definitions of it.  Our projected data then distorts our experience of reality.  It could be said that we dumb life down to a very fragmented and limited experience… and we forfeit the innate joy of life in the process.  Indeed… true reality is invisible to us… while we are living within it.

This week… let us endeavor to bring focus to our limiting definitions… our thoughts, beliefs and stories about who we are and what life is.  Let us use our focused awareness to transcend the limiting mind and explore our essence as blissful consciousness.  In this way… we might make the invisible visible and more consistently experience that in truth we are but blissful consciousness and happy for no reason.


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