This is the stone… drenched with rain… that points the way.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“This is the stone… drenched with rain… that points the way.”
Taneda Santoka

In contemplating this quotation… we might ask… what makes this stone a pointer of the way?  Is it marked in some special way?  Maybe it is painted white with a red arrow on it.  Or is there a deeper and more truthful answer? I somehow suspect that there is… since it comes from the Zen tradition and Zen is all about the truth.

Perhaps it refers to the subjective rather than the objective polarity.  Perhaps it’s about subjective essence… the substratum… the ground of being of all and everything… as one blissful consciousness.  In this truthful understanding… a stone is but a form of consciousness… and whether drenched with rain or not… points to the truth of all life which it embodies.  If we are wakeful… we hear its proclamation and experience its revelation… that there is only one.

This week… let us be more wakeful of the truthful essence of all forms… or the one blissful consciousness that we are and all is.  In this way… it could be said… what does not point the way?

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