The Ultimate Spiritual Practice

The Ultimate Spiritual Practice

“Always nurture unconditional love for all beings.
This is what it means to be truly human.”

- Lao Tzu

In a recent program, modern spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon, suggested that we bring a focus to being kind to each other. The Great Wisdom Traditions all include this message in different ways.  Buddhist practices are centered on cultivating love and compassion for others, Christianity focuses on loving your neighbor as yourself, and Hindus aim at living a pure devotional life which includes honoring the master spiritual teacher and doing beneficial deeds to avoid creating negative force and enabling continuing lifetimes.

Kindness is really a way of living life from a compassionate perspective and doing whatever we can to cultivate feelings of love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation within ourselves so that we emanate those vibrations.  A recent finding of research from the Heart Math Institute is that our feelings directly affect our DNA. A focus on negative feelings such as anger, fear, stress, and frustration causes the DNA strands to tighten up, become shorter and switch off many DNA codes in the process. The opposite effect occurs with a focus on feelings of love, appreciation, and gratitude.

The Heart Math research also found that living cells communicate through a web of non-localized energy (which we would call Consciousness), and that DNA can register changes in the emotions of the donor fifty miles away at the very moment the emotional changes occur. Some of you will be familiar with this research… however, it bears repeating as it gives us a reason to choose to focus on loving feelings.

Recently Dr. David Hawkins (author of Power Vs. Force), was asked if he could recommend one spiritual practice, what would it be? His reply was “to be kind and loving to all of life – no matter what!” The emphasis was on the “no matter what”. If you are challenged in this area, try listening each day to Master Charles Cannon’s “Romancing the Moment – The Love Meditation” CD.

The first half is Master Charles Cannon’s voice (with meditative music playing in the background), affirming Sourceful love with truthful statements of oneness.  The second half features the sound of the ocean with the same affirmations embedded below the audio threshold.  It includes Synchronicity sonic technology in the Theta frequency range. I can’t recommend it enough as a meditation soundtrack and for use in re-scripting your data base. The empowerment of the truth of these Sourceful love-based affirmations is delivered via Master Charles Cannon’s voice, so it is an excellent place to start a practice of generating loving feelings that are based upon holistic reality.

“If you can find no room in your heart for others,
you will always feel like a stranger among strangers.”

-Chuang Tzu