Until I swatted a fly the flyswatter never existed.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Until I swatted a fly the flyswatter never existed.”
~Takahama Kyoshi

Have you ever noticed that the only experience of life you ever have is always within the here and now?  Yesterday is gone forever and only a memory remains… in the present.  Tomorrow is but a fantasy… that again only occurs in the present.  And the present becomes the past in the moment it takes to cognize it.  What remains then is presence… or what mystics have termed the Eternal Now.

In truth… life is always new within the Eternal Now of its happening.  Whatever we experience here and now… we will never experience again.  Our life experience… here and now… is totally unique and can never be duplicated.  Life… or consciousness… is a creative energy… and it creates itself newly in each nano-second of its happening.  If we are truthfully wakeful… the now is new… and the now is all.

This week… let us endeavor to fully explore the experience of now.  Let us be wakeful that the only experience of life we ever have is in the here and now of its happening.  And it isalways new.  Let us fully experience the newness of life… of consciousness… in each nano- second of its happening.  Let us simply be as we truly are… here and now.

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