We Find What We’re Looking For

Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson

Looking-ForNews from right here in Virginia where VOICE, an interfaith coalition of 50 faith organizations, has managed to get pledges of $30 million from a number of big banks, including Bank of America, to help families in local counties who lost their homes in the 2008 foreclosure crisis.

This is one of literally thousands of good news stories that receive virtually no attention in the mainstream media. Viewers’ appetites tend towards darker fare. But we can always find bright spots if we look for them.

What are we looking for? It’s customary to expect the worst and get it! After all, we’re bombarded by negativity. It takes effort to avoid succumbing to a gloom and doom outlook.

One simple strategy is to embrace the power of our looking. It turns out that we tend to find what we’re looking for. The very act of looking for it makes “it” - in this case, good news - more visible. We’ve all experienced this. You become interested in purchasing a Toyota Prius and suddenly you see them everywhere!

This has been called the “expectancy field.” Regardless of how grim things get, there’s nothing stopping us from expecting the best, rather than the worst. Those who do get pleasantly surprised!

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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.

Will Wilkinson

Will Wilkinson

Will Wilkinson has been a professional collaborative writer for decades. He has two of his own non-fiction books In print, a novel on the verge and two more non-fiction books in final edit stages. Meanwhile, he collaborates with contemporary wisdom keepers, helping them discover and refine their voice.