Weekly Contemplation - Rumi - Jan 11 2015

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“Who stands already on heaven’s topmost dome needs not to search for ladders.” Rumi

What is… is… as it is… and all else is delusion. This is the truth. To believe that what is should be other than it is… is false and is the root of all suffering. There is only one… is the holistic truth. All and everything in essence is the same blissful consciousness. Such is simply what is… as it is. To believe otherwise is false delusion and causes suffering.

Rumi was a great mystic as well as a poet. His poetry expresses his actualized mystical experience. His wholeness is consistently expressed in all his mystical verses. The experience of oneness or wholeness releases one from the need to attain it. If we are already in heaven… why would we be interested in attaining heaven. Again… what is… is… as it is… one blissful consciousness.

Such truthful experience is holistic self-awareness. It is the measure of evolution in human consciousness. Thus its cultivation is important that we might ultimately end all seeking and rest in the eternal truth of ourselves and all and everything as one blissful consciousness.

This week… let us cultivate self-awareness as wakefulness… moment by moment. Let us be wakeful of what is… as it is… one blissful consciousness within all of its happenings. In this way… we flow with the truth of all life and relinquish all resistance and resultant suffering.

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