What is the Master Spiritual Teacher?

Written by Master Charles Cannon


What is the master spiritual teacher?

~Master Charles Cannon

    According to the holistic models of reality, the master spiritual teacher is essential to holistic experience, to the evolution of individuated consciousness. There is some confusion, particularly in Western cultures, about the difference between the master spiritual teacher and other spiritual teachers.
The most important criterion for the role of the master spiritual teacher, according to the holistic models of reality, is the consistent embodiment of the holistic state of being. This means that the master spiritual teacher must be substantiated in the state of unified consciousness, that is, be a holistically actualized human being.

This is the state of full multi-dimensional actualization in which the relative polarities have reversed their dominance from illusion to truth, from dense to subtle. Thus, the subtle dimensions then dominate the dense in actualization and deliver high amplitude power as holistic presence. In other words, you know the true master spiritual teachers by the experience you have in their presence. This, as you probably know, cannot be faked. The very presence of the master spiritual teacher must elevate you to a correspondent state of holistic experience, or else the master is not authentic.
Authentic master spiritual teachers, therefore, are those who can teach without words. There is only one, holistic consciousness, and master spiritual teachers embody this teaching as fully actualized holistic experience through their unified state of being and high amplitude presence. No words are really necessary for authentic master spiritual teachers because the teaching is conveyed experientially, existentially, by the empowerment of their presence. They model the teaching. They embody the teaching and deliver the holistic experience. Just being in the presence of a master spiritual teacher elevates the student to the level of correspondent holistic experience … without words.

This important principle and primary credential of the master spiritual teacher  was lost to students of the West, who are mired in egocentric experience within the material myth that has as its god, money. When master spiritual teachers from the East came West over 50 years ago many people were empowered by their presence, their teaching.

They learned the teaching, according to their enculturation, which glorifies the mind and creates the belief that knowing something conceptually is mastery.  This intellectual enlightenment among Westerners led to individuals sharing the concepts without embodying the teaching. The most accurate way to represent this in the West today is to say that there are spiritual teachers and then there are master spiritual teachers. Mere spiritual teachers rather are half-baked and rely on words alone. In the West there is a great proliferation of what might be called spiritual teachers, but it is rare to find a master spiritual teacher who fulfills this important principle within the holistic models of reality, one who teaches without words.

Another requirement of the authentic master spiritual teacher is that they make masters, not eternal disciples. This means that the master spiritual teacher must empower disciples to the level of mastery, substantiation in holistic experience, substantiation in their own presence as blissful consciousness and not just create eternally dependent students. Thus, it is the responsibility of the authentic master spiritual teacher to determine when such a master student is ready, is fully-baked, to assume the role of the master spiritual teacher.  

In other words, if students have not been informed by their master spiritual teacher that they are master spiritual teachers and ready to assume this role, then it is blasphemous and egocentric to self-appoint themselves to such a role. There is a plethora of half-baked, self-appointed spiritual teachers in the world.
Perhaps now that many people in the West have had the experience of inauthentic master spiritual teachers, they are ready to open to the full truth and discover what is really required to actualize their own mastery. Perhaps this further education is but the experience whose time has come. Remember, we must first experience what we are not, illusion, before we can experience what we are, truth.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your spiritual teacher is a master spiritual teacher, and you do so based on the experience you have in his or her presence. It is not about the state of ego-driven minds and lazy manipulative egos who have hi-jacked the role of the master in the West. It is about the holistic state of unified being, substantiated and embodied as high amplitude presence. This is, in truth, the master spiritual teacher.


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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, and developer of the High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience. His work over the past 40 years has helped transform the lives of millions worldwide who respect him as one of the truly innovative spiritual teachers of our time.