What is That Ultimate Wealth Which Can Never Be Lost?

Written by Master Charles Cannon

"Amass that wealth which has nothing to fear from kings or thieves, and which does not desert thee in death."
   ~The Mahabharata

This quotation from the Mahabharata invites us to question our experience of life.  What is that ultimate wealth which can never be lost?  Simply stated... it is the truth of all life.  It is the truth that there is only one.  If there is only one... then there is no other... who could take it from you.  All and everything shares the same consciousness and it is eternal.  It does not come and go and cannot be taken away.  It is the eternal ground of being... the substratum... the essence of all and everything.

All belief to the contrary is illusion.  You may believe that something can be taken from you... or that you lose when you die... but illusion is illusion and not truth.  Life essence... consciousness... is eternal... independent and free.

All great sages have continually taught this truth and advised us to invest in the awareness of it.  All else is impermanent illusion.  We must grow our awareness of the truth... that ultimate wealth... that is the oneness of all and everything.  We must be the blissful consciousness that all is.

This week... increase wakefulness and question your illusory beliefs that limit your experience of life.  Open your awareness to the truth of who you are and what life is... as one blissful consciousness.  Set yourself free and eternally delight in the ultimate treasure.

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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

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