When we know how to be content, we never want for anything.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“When we know how to be content, we never want for anything.” Lao Tzu

It could be said that true contentment has nothing to do with acquisition. It is not dependent on that which is objective to us. Rather… from a holistic perspective… contentment is our very nature and the nature of all and everything. Contentment is the innate delight of the one consciousness that is all.

We have been illusorily taught that contentment or happiness is external to us… that it must be acquired through relationships with others and the things of life. The more we acquire… the more happiness we will have. But Lao Tzu and all great mystics have said that it’s about being and not doing. Being is subjective and doing is objective. If we relinquish doing… as in the acquisition of objective relationships with people and things… and cultivate being… as in the awareness of our true nature as self-delighting consciousness… we experience real contentment. Again… it’s about being rather than doing.

This week… let us endeavor to be more wakeful of our subjective being as the source of true contentment. Then as Lao Tzu says… when we know how to be content… we will never want for anything.

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