When you can laugh at yourself, there is enlightenment.

Written by Master Charles Cannon

“When you can laugh at yourself, there is enlightenment.” Shunryu Suzuki

In truth, consciousness is but a witness of itself and its happenings. Arising from a balanced state of experience, witness consciousness allows us to truly see ourselves. And what is it exactly that we see?

Perhaps we see our illusory egoic identity that assumes authorship of our life experience. And further, perhaps we see the egoic manipulation of our minds… full of illusory thoughts, beliefs, definitions, judgments and stories.

From the trans-egoic perspective of witness consciousness, we are but a comedy of errors or a theatre of the absurd. And like watching a funny movie of ourselves… we are entertained and laugh hysterically. Such is but the innate bliss of consciousness delighting in the experience of itself.

This week, let us endeavor to cultivate more witness consciousness that we might laugh more at ourselves. Such truthful delight is indeed a most enlightening experience.

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