Where We Belong 2 - Feed My Sheep

Written by Master Charles Cannon, Will Wilkinson

Cute Sheep Eating Grass

“When the love that moves the sun and stars starts to become real inside you, it compels you to act in whatever way you can to “feed my sheep.” That is how you know that you are starting to become an authentic spiritual being.” 1

Love provides the true motivation. Here is the ultimate “persuader,” an eternal compulsion that can steer our lives into fulfillment, not because of what we get but because of what we give.

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The phrase “think globally, act locally” originated in the early 1990’s and is attributed to Scots town planner and social activist Patrick Geddes. It aptly describes the relationship between vision (big) and action (small). Educator John Taylor Gatto put it this way:

“You can’t do a good act that is global… A good act, to be good, must be acceptable to what Alexander Pope called “the genius of the place.” This calls for local knowledge, local skills, and local love that virtually none of us has, and that none of us can get by thinking globally. We can get it only by a local fidelity that we would have to maintain through several lifetimes… I don’t wish to be loved by people who don’t know me; if I were a planet I would feel exactly the same way.” 2

Earth in Hands

Speaking of the planet, how do we treat it? Actually, referring to Earth as an “it” may pinpoint the reason we’ve been torturing our Mother. Earth is not an “it,” Earth is alive. And when we use the phrase, “feed my sheep,” it’s meant to include all living creatures, including the life of this “place” we call home.

Of course, the habit of seeing the world as an inert stage for human performance is centuries old. “We do not perceive the world as it is, but as we wish it to be. We know this through decades of conventional research and perception, cognition, decision-making, into their judgment, and memory. Essentially, we construct mental models of the world that reflect our expectations, biases, and desires, a world that is comfortable for our egos, that does not threaten our beliefs, and that is consistent, stable, and coherent.”

“If we are willing and able to step back from the illusion of separation and embrace the world we can indeed become the authentic spiritual beings so many of us have aspired to be”

“In other words, our minds are “story generators” they create mental simulations of what is really out there. These models inevitably perpetuate distortions, because what we perceive is influenced by the hidden persuasions of ideas, memory, motivation, and expectations.” 3

As we see, we do. American psychologist James Hillman said: “See different, do different.” If we are willing and able to step back from the illusion of separation and embrace the world, return to the world, regain our sense of belonging in this place of our birth, then we can change our stories about life, our priorities, and we can indeed become the authentic spiritual beings so many of us have aspired to be, not because we penetrate the heavens to access arcane wisdom but because “the love that moves the sun and stars starts to become real.” And this experience of real love does compel us to be loving — like begets like.

The Dalai Lama has long been a model of living love. He is indefatigable, regardless of the challenges. And he is not your classic spiritual teacher; he embraces science as well. In fact, he is blatantly enthusiastic about the possibilities.

Dreaming in Blue

“If we can marry the knowledge of the outer sciences with the knowledge and practice of the inner sciences of mystical progress, the entire future of the human race can be transformed. Scientists everywhere are now searching for a unified field theory, a theory that can unite and fuse together our knowledge of the laws of the universe; they have already discovered the power of consciousness to alter and affect what is observed. Imagine what could happen if a group of physicists were humble enough to undergo a rigorous mystical education; a deeper experience of consciousness would reveal the secrets of the “unified field,” and who can predict what powers of invention and healing that would open to humanity?”

Who can predict what might open for me, for you, if we welcomed this marriage within ourselves between what we know and what we don’t know and expressed the fusion between science and spirituality in the simplest and most effective way: thinking globally and acting locally, by feeding all the sheep.

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Master Charles Cannon

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Will Wilkinson

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