Why Do We Tell Stories About Who We Are and What Life Is About?

Written by Master Charles Cannon


Why do we tell stories about who we are and what life is about?
Master Charles Cannon

What is - simply is, and then there are the stories we tell about it. Why do we tell stories about who we are and what life is?  A review of the Holistic Model of Reality is appropriate in this regard. Consciousness has but one intention, to fully be itself and to know itself.  To know itself it must experience itself and thus it creates the relative field as the arena of all experience, and all experience is, therefore, relative.  There are two polarities—subjective and objective, interior and exterior—and all experience is relative. In order for consciousness to experience what it is, it must first experience what it is not.
How can it experience what it is not when in truth it is all and everything?  It can do so by pretense or through the principle of illusion, so consciousness in the involutionary cycle of our experience creates the ego as the instrument of illusion and pretense.  The ego drives the mind to create a virtual database and a virtual reality, an illusory experience in which all and everything is separate and different from itself.  

The two polarities are experienced as separate and different from each other, but this is virtual reality. It is not true.  It is comprised of our thoughts, beliefs, stories, and judgments about who we are and what life is in an illusory or virtual understanding.  

Since the majority of humanity is immersed in the involutionary-dominant cycle of human experience, it could be said that most of our knowledge is nothing more than the definition of a dream. Most of our knowledge is nothing more than definitions within a virtual reality, definitions of that which is not real.  Our knowledge may be based on reason and common sense, within the ego-driven virtual reality, but it is not true.

Yet involution leads to evolution.  What we are not, illusion, yields to what we are, truth. The journey is appropriate. Consciousness happens the way it does, because it does. There is no experience before its time. First, the experience of what we are not through pretense and fantasy, through ego-driven virtual realities, only to be followed by the truth of who we are and what life is, the evolutionary cycle and the experience of true reality.


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Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon

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