You are The Truth

“You must get rid of the belief that you are yet to realize the truth.  You are the truth… here and now.”
 Ramana Maharishi

We are enculturated and conditioned to believe that we are incomplete as we are… that we must acquire something to make us whole.  This leads us to the experience of content identification.  We define ourselves based on the content of our lives.  We are thus defined by our relationships, our careers, our children, our families, our communities, our nations and our world.  And we are further defined by the content that we acquire and possess… money and all the things that money can buy.  Thus we continually build our content identities.

 Content identity is based on illusion… the illusion of separation.  We must acquire that which is separate and different from us to give us meaning and purpose.  But, in truth, there is nothing that is separate and different from us.  All and everything is the same consciousness… the same life… in one form or another… that we are.  In this awareness… we are already whole and complete and there is nothing in addition to us that could make us more than we already are.

 The same illusion is operative for seekers of truth.  Seeking the truth means that you do not already have it.  Therefore… to experience the truth of the oneness of all and everything… you must relinquish the belief that you are not already it.  As Ramana said, you are the truth… here and now.

 This week… be wakeful of the truth that you already are consciousness and relinquish the illusory belief that you must acquire it.  If you are already alive… why would you believe that you must acquire life?  Rather… be the experience that you already are.  Be the one blissful consciousness that is you… and me… and all and everything.