Benefits of Meditation ...

Benefits of Meditation ...

... Why Daily Meditation is Important

Daily meditation is great for stress reduction and many doctors now recommend it to help alleviate anxiety, depression, eating disorders and even addictions. While this is all very positive, it is only the beginning.

For some people meditation helps improve their creative and critical thinking abilities. Others find it helps to increase energy levels and improve focus and concentration. In short, meditation makes it easier for us to be productive in our busy and distracting world.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of meditation and, for even more information, explore the links to additional sources at the bottom of the page.

Physical, Emotional and Mental Benefits of Meditation

    Stress reduction
    Greater emotional balance
    Increased creative thinking
    Lower blood pressure
    Immunity boost
    Improved productivity
    Pain relief
    Increased happiness
    Improved concentration
    Improved heart health

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

The primary benefit of meditation is that it helps create balance between our inner world (the quiet, interior experience) and our busy, noisy exterior world.

As a tool of balance, meditation also helps us access our subtler levels of consciousness. Most human beings only experience the denser dimensions of their physical bodies, emotions and minds. However, all the great mystics, and now even our modern science, tell us that we are more than just our dense dimensions of body, mind and emotions. In fact, beyond these three dense dimensions are the subtle dimensions where we experience progressively more truthful states of being.

It is the creation of balance in our dense dimensions that allows our subtle dimensions to open so we may actualize increasing multi-dimensional awareness.

Some examples of the subtle experiences you may experience with meditation include:

        You are more intimately present in the moment.
        You are more aware of yourself and your environment.
    Heart Center Opening
        Your heart center opens to more acceptance, compassion and love.
    Witness Consciousness
        You are a detached observer - not as attached to things and outcomes.
    The Experience of Unified Consciousness
        You feel a connection with everyone and everything in your life.
    And much more!

The Most Effective Way to Meditate

Any meditation is a positive experience. No matter the technique used or the tradition followed, if you are meditating you are bringing balance into your life through emphasis on the interior polarity of yourself.

However, traditional meditation methods and techniques are not as effective in these times because of the increasingly chaotic nature of our dense population and technology-based modern world. It is therefore not surprising that modern science has created technology-based solutions to assist us.

At Synchronicity, we use and recommend High-Tech Meditation as a modern and efficient approach. It is a precision, Sonic entrainment technology that efficiently delivers the benefits of meditation associated with meditating many hours a day in a traditional context.

In other words, High-Tech Meditation allows you to easily and effortlessly experience the benefits of meditation while living a dynamic modern lifestyle.

Studies Showing the Benefits of High-Tech Meditation
The Zen Study

This study is a comparison study of Synchronicity High-Tech meditators with Zen Monk meditators.

Results showed that those using High-Tech Meditation (with five or fewer years of meditation) demonstrated brainwave patterns consistent with advanced Buddhist monk meditators (twenty years or more experience).

Our research empirically validates that Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation represents at least a four-fold acceleration factor over classical methods of meditation.

Click here to read the Zen study.

Other Studies Showing the Benefits of Meditation

What does meditation do to the brain? Can we even prove something is going on when we meditate? With modern brain-imaging technologies, we can now see the different structures of the brain respond to meditation. This further proves what the ancients have been teaching us all along.

Meditation can improve our length and quality of attention. Studies have found that daily meditation for a few short months improved alertness and visual attention. (Source:

Meditation is to our mind what exercising at the gym is to our bodies. It prepares us for our daily encounters and helps us in all areas of life from business to personal life.

Yes, we all know that relaxation is good for us and that is exactly what yogis have been telling us about meditation for thousands of years. The daily practice of meditation is as important to your health as the food you eat.

According to a recent study at Harvard Medical School, deep relaxation through meditation and yoga changes our body at a genetic and cellular level. This means more genes for fighting disease and many other cellular benefits.  (

Meditation can be very useful in reducing stress. New research from the Shamatha project at the University of California suggests meditation may help lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. (

Anxiety and depression can be substantially reduced in a short period of time with the daily practice of meditation. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies have shown that people who meditate regularly have a thickening of the brain near the prefrontal cortex. This helps in limiting negative emotions that are generated by the limbic system. These are the results of a study at McGill University (

Mindfulness practice leads to increases in regional brain gray matter density: