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The Circle of One

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What is the Circle of One

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The Circle of One

The Circle of One is Modern Spirituality for the Digital Age. It has one purpose – harnessing technology for the evolution of consciousness. As such it is designed to incorporate and integrate everything you need for the evolution of your consciousness for a minimal monthly membership fee. Synchronicity’s Circle of One represents the leading-edge in Modern Spirituality.




Why Should I Join - The Benefits

You should consider the Circle of One for yourself simply because it includes all the major programs offered by Synchronicity Foundation in one place. And everything is designed to give you the tools you need to create an effective spiritual practice in the comfort of your own home. After all, the Circle of One is about harnessing the technology of the Digital Age for the evolution of consciousness.



What People Are Saying


Alicia AndersonTo someone new to modern spirituality TV, I would say that they can gain insight and peace, from just a few moments of browsing through the website. The titles allow me to browse at my leisure and find a topic suited to me in that moment. When I need a balance break and I'm on the computer, I click in and enjoy a holistic experience that I can usually relate to as being from Master Charles or staff members. I’m amazed at how impactful it has been, how much energy is shared between Synchronicity Sanctuary and my computer and myself. It’s almost like being there in person. It’s a wonderful tool. I highly recommend it.

Alicia Anderson

Dave-SwatzRecognitions is clearly the most advanced program of its kind anywhere. I’ve been involved 12 years. It takes you progressively to more advanced topics as well as more advanced levels of holistic living and consciousness. It’s amazing. I always wonder whether there can be more, and there never seems to be any ending to it. It just goes more and more and more. It’s absolutely wonderful, absolutely highly recommended.

Dave Swartz

Michelle-McDonougWhen I interact with the courses online, I love the flexibility of being able to learn when I have time to fit it into my schedule of work and family. It gives me a choice of reading the lesson, which includes experiential exercises that I can do those on my own time and place. I can entrain myself with Master Charles’ videos when I have time to sink back and absorb his energy, which comes across so strongly.

Over time, I’ve noticed many benefits of taking the Modern Spirituality curriculum courses. One of them is my having more of a sense of balance in my life. It helps me as a mom, as a wife, and as a business person to be very present and connected to everyone around me in a way that I wasn’t before. One of the great features of the Modern Spirituality curriculum courses is that -- along with the monthly lesson -- comes a time with the facilitator who is there to be my guide, to answer questions, and to direct me in a flow of growing spiritually.

Michelle McDonough