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 "Santa" Ed Taylor, founder of, is a nationally recognized Internet marketing speaker and social marketing presentation expert who has delivered more than 3,250 presentations on Internet and social marketing strategies.

At 58 years of age, "Santa" Ed embarked on an entirely new adventure. He has become The Happiness Ambassador, a real live Santa Claus for people of ALL ages and authored the series: "9 of Life’s Greatest Gifts." These are life transforming Gifts that each of us are born with, Gifts that can improve every aspect of our lives, increase our happiness, improve our relationships, our finances, our health and our sense of fulfillment, contentment and happiness. Best of all, "Santa" Ed helps us discover these Gifts within ourselves.

Through his "THE PLACE" Coaching Program Santa Ed helps his clients discover The Place where their Deep Gladness, and the World’s Deep Hunger, meet. And, because he a true believer in the Santa Claus Principle, he GIVES HIS UNIQUE PERSONAL COACHING AWAY AS GIFT.

In his lively exchange with campaign host Will Wilkinson, Ed illuminates a number of these gifts, ranging from Agency, to Love, to Commitment. As Ed says, “I know that every one of us has gifts to give, that we can activate our personal ‘Santa gene’ and enjoy the fulfillment that only giving and receiving provides.

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In addition to the Teleconference I want to invite you to take part in a unique social experiment that could change the way we value and experience happiness. And that could just change the world.

The Synchronicity Foundation has invited me to help with their social experiment, which will determine if there is a corresponding “Maharishi Effect” when a large number of people experience authentic happiness for a sustained period of time. You may remember how meditators were able to reduce crime rates. What might happy people do?

The campaign aims to enroll a million or more people across the country to sign the Happiness Pledge and begin “training” for a celebration day on July 4, 2014.

Please sign the Happiness Pledge here on this site -  I did. Once you take the pledge you will receive their free e-booklet, "Wake Up and Be Happy",  plus regular emails with "Happiness Tips" from me and other partners. You will also be invited to participate in Free Teleconferences with presenters such as myself.

I’m excited about this Happiness campaign and I hope you will be too. It’s a wonderful, innovative project and I heartily agree with the basic premise: “Happy people don’t hurt each other.” Indeed! Happy people help each other.

When you join the Happiness campaign you will be notified of the date and time of my teleconference as well as teleconferences of others who are collaborating on this project. You will also immediately receive the FREE, 34 page, Wake Up and Be Happy e-booklet in PDF format. Click Here

Happily yours,

Santa Ed Taylor

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