7D Copper Low Cut Antibacterial Non-Slip Socks

7D Copper Low Cut Antibacterial Non-Slip Socks

There are meridian points in the feet that correspond to every area of the human body. Bring balance to your day with every step. Literally walk on a cushion of 7th dimension technology.

COPPER INFUSED & ANTI-ODOR – The copper ions in the yarn can produce a natural protected area, eliminating 99% of the sweat and smell. The blended copper ion fabric is very soft, smooth and has the capability of wrinkle resistance, moisture wicking, dry fit. It helps to get rid of embarrassing smelly feet.

MOISTURE WICKING – Powerful moisture-wicking material with mesh venting blend keeps your feet cool and dry, comfortable for casual wear and sports activities.

FOUR SEASONS & ALL SPORTS – unisex sports socks are not too thick or too thin, warm in winter and breathable in summer. Professionally customized for all sports.

Moisture wicking, Antibacterial , Anti-odor, Faster recovery. 98% Polyester, 2% Elastane with Copper

Size: Large: Men 9-12 US; Women 10-13 US