7D Silver Thread Pads with 7D Technology - 8"

7D Silver Thread Pads with 7D Technology - 8

7D silver lined pads have many uses. They are very powerful and create a concentrated positive clearing energy field that penetrates into wherever they are placed. Large pads are great to sit on, while smaller pads can be placed anywhere on the body, fastened to clothing or kept in a pocket. These pads enhance balance, opiation, relaxation, and healing with their concentrated field of energy. Roll or fold one up and take it anywhere!

Uses include:

Smaller pads:

Commonly placed on areas of the body experiencing pain, inflammation, injury or discomfort of any sort.

Large pads:

Commonly placed on the seat or draped over the back of a chair for:
car or airplane travel
Office work
Put one under your pillow while you rest or sleep
wrap around your back or large area of your body experiencing pain, inflammation injury or discomfort.