White Light - Synch PH Digital Download

White Light - Synch PH Digital Download

Prana Sync

White Light (download only) is healing, and healing is white light! This powerful carrier wave frequency, white light and positive green, is great for healing and protection from negative force patterns.

The body always needs healing on some level, so Sync PH 5.0 White Light can always be felt. It can also facilitate a deep cleansing response. Brainwave entrainment is the Schumann resonance in the alpha range.

The strong carrier wave is capable of action at a distance. Therefore, headphones are not required. With this version 5, we have refined and made the technology more powerful by strengthening the carrier wave of white light, as well as the other harmonics of beneficial frequencies such as higher harmonic of gold, positive green, etc.

These meditation music soundtracks are created using Synchronicity® Sonic Technology. They enable anyone to quickly have a meditative experience.

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