SyncUp Forgiveness

SyncUp Forgiveness

Meditation with Affirmations

SyncUp Forgiveness (download only). Forgiveness is an act of self-love, a bridge to peace of heart and mind. It gives you the strength to rebuild, renew or release a relationship and frees you to move on from the past. Affirmations are positive statements of intention that direct your focus to what you want to experience.

SyncUp uses Synchronicity® Sonic Technology to create a focused meditative state that opens the mind to receive these empowering affirmations at a deep level for increased effectiveness.

It comes with two 15 minute tracks:

1) Music with audible affirmations and Sonic Technology.
2) Ocean with the same affirmations subliminally embedded.

Play the tracks environmentally or use headphones/earbuds for a focused precision meditation experience.

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