Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Master Charles Cannon?  Master Charles Cannon is an internationally-acknowledged master spiritual teacher. He is the founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality and creator of High-Tech Meditation® and Holistic Lifestyle™.

2. Why is he called Master Charles?  The title "Master" was first given to Master Charles Cannon by his spiritual teacher. Known as Brother Charles during the early years of Synchronicity Foundation, his world-wide audience began referring to him as Master Charles based on their experience of his holistic state of being.

3. What is Synchronicity Foundation? Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality is a 501(c)(3) non-sectarian charitable, educational organization.

4. What is Master Charles' primary teaching? He teaches Modern Spirituality as the context of spirituality relevant to the times in which we live.

5. Is Master Charles or Synchronicity associated with a religion? No. Master Charles teaches Modern Spirituality, which is not associated with any religion. Synchronicity Foundation is a non-sectarian, charitable educational organization.

6. Does he give interviews? Yes. Click here to reach the contact page.

7. Is he available for public speaking engagements? If you would like to set up a speaking engagement, contact us here.

8. Does he travel? Yes, he frequently visits cities in the US, Canada, and Mexico. He also periodically travels to other international cities.

9. Why did he write the book, Awakening from the American Dream: From Crisis to Consciousness? He wrote it as a personal, holistic commentary which offers truthful direction about the times in which we live.

Mourning at Synchronicity

On Thursday, January 31, 2019, the body of Master Charles Cannon was entombed in a special place within Synchronicity Sanctuary. For the next month Synchronicity Foundation and Synchronicity Sanctuary will be in a period of mourning as we adjust to our loss. We will return with the March edition of the Synchronicity Newsletter.