Getting Started

On this page you will find our list of recommended ways to get started. This includes learning zen-stones-with-leavesabout and experiencing Modern Spirituality,  High-Tech Meditation and The Holistic Lifestyle, as originated and taught by Master Charles Cannon.

  1. Join the Circle of One

    The Circle of One is a new platform which includes all the major online programs offered by Synchronicity Foundation in one place for a minimal monthly membership fee.
  2. Get Now... The Technology

    Now... The Technology... is Synchronicity Foundation's newest and most advanced technology designed for everyday use.
  3. Get the free 10-Minute High-Tech Meditation MP3 Download and the Apple App.

    These are great ways to experience High-Tech Meditation.
  4. Purchase the Modern Spirituality Book and CD Set.

    This book and CD set will give you a foundational understanding of Modern Spirituality and includes a 30-minute High-Tech Meditation soundtrack in the Theta range that you can use for daily practice.

  5. The Recognitions Program

    Enroll in our most advanced High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle program. It includes a comprehensive curriculum with a meditation coach who can assist you with your practice.

  6. Modern Spirituality TV

    Modern Spirituality TV is part of the Circle of One and features monthly presentations by Master Charles Cannon and Synchronicity Certified Teachers.

  7. Live Monthly High-Tech Meditation Webcasts with Master Charles Cannon

    Join us on the last Sunday of each month for live, guided-video High-Tech Meditations with Master Charles Cannon.

  8. School of Modern Spirituality

    The online School of Modern Spirituality offers a comprehensive curriculum and is part of the Circle of One.

  9. Retreats with Master Charles Cannon

    Attend a retreat with Master Charles Cannon at the Synchronicity Sanctuary in Virginia.