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  • Special Offer - School of Modern Spiritualtiy

    Master Charles Cannon talks about the Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality

    A New, Free Introductory Video!

    During its first year of operation, the Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality has consistently received praise for course content and presentation. Simply put, the School's participants have found the courses to be universally impactful by adding to the depth of their experience of modern spirituality.

    Holiday Special Music SetFor those of you who are still wondering if the School is right for you, we have created a free, 20-minute Introductory Video featuring Master Charles Cannon. The video, entitled "Learn About the School" offers an overview of the School of Modern Spirituality courses and also expresses the holistic empowerment that is only available in the presence of a master spiritual teacher.

    To view the video, CLICK HERE to access the School of Modern Spirituality website. Then follow the directions under "Free Introductory Video". Not only will you have the opportunity to view the "Learn About the School" video, but you can also experience a session of High-Tech Meditation and get some very rewarding subscription coupons.



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  • Crisis

    Who wouldn’t want easy access to genius when we urgently need it? No problem. All that’s needed is to lose our minds.