How to Get Started With High-Tech Meditation

Below is a list of our most popular High-Tech Meditation soundtracks in the different ranges, depending on what you are looking for -- from light meditation to our more advanced meditation program. All our soundtracks are available as downloads or in CD format.

If you prefer, you can listen to samples of all our soundtracks by clicking here.

Light Meditation - Alpha Level

Om, The Reverberation of Source

Om, The Reverberation of Source - Meditation Soundtrack

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Welcome to My World

Welcome to My World - Meditation Soundtrack

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Free Meditation Offerings

10 Minute Meditation MP3 Download - (Alpha, Light)

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10 Minute Meditation Apple App  - (Theta, Moderate)

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Moderate Meditation - Theta Level

Sounds of Source 1

Sounds of Source 1 - Meditation Soundtrack

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The Becoming of Being

The Becoming of Being - Meditation Soundtrack

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Deep Meditation - Delta Level

The Recognitions Program


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