Join the Experiment - The Year of Living Happily

Talk about a worthy cause to support! Imagine a world filled with happy people. How many problems would that immediately begin to solve? A lot! At least, we think so.

That’s why we’re inviting you and a million other people to join our year-long Happiness Experiment, culminating in the first ever Interdependence Day on July 4, 2014 with one hour of sustained happiness around the world.

It’s free to join. When you sign The Happiness Pledge you will receive our free 34-page e-Booklet, Wake Up and Be Happy and be registered to get regular updates and Happiness Reminders.

Studies confirm that happy people:

- live longer,
- have better relationships,
- handle challenges more effectively,
- are more satisfied in their careers,
- have better emotional health,
- and feel more optimistic about the future.


Meditators have demonstrated they can reduce the crime rate. The so-called “Maharishi Effect” applies to happiness too. Let’s find out together what sort of positive impact one million deliberately happy people can have, on ourselves, our families, our communities and the world. Welcome to our happiness experiment – shifting humanity, one smile at a time. You will also  receive emails from Synchronicity Foundation including  Happiness Tips, Teleconference notices, the Happiness Pledge and the 34 page Happiness Guide PDF absolutely FREE.

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