Forgiving the UnforgivableForgiving-the-Unforgivable

By Master Charles Cannon
with Will Wilkinson

A truly remarkable crisis/opportunity.

In November of 2008, Pakistani Muslim terrorists attacked Mumbai. One of their targets, the 5-Star Oberoi Hotel, was where Master Charles Cannon, and twenty-four of his international Synchronicity associates were staying. During the ensuing 45-hour siege, four in the group were wounded and two – long time members Alan Scherr and his daughter Naomi - were killed.

This book outlines how true, deep, and unqualified forgiveness can become instinctive—by living The Holistic Lifestyle. As survivors retell the horrific moments of their ordeal, they also reveal the modern spiritual philosophy of life that enabled them to transcend and transform this terrifying experience.

How can you respond to hatred with love? Start by reading about those who have.


From the Foreword by Eckhart Tolle: This book invites you to relinquish attachment to the stories that define your identity and to discover a deeper, timeless, and formless identity beyond the content of your mind. Herein lies the essence of all spirituality.

From the Afterword by Neale Donald Walsch: You are holding in your hands a book that you will never forget. Ever. It will stun your mind, open your heart, and connect you directly with your soul. However, the most special aspect of this remarkable book is not what you will find in it, but what you will find in you after you read it.

Marianne Williamson: Some lovely people met up with hate one day, and with love they responded. Every story of the human journey, every reflection on the appearance of evil, every admonition to triumph over hatred through the power of love—it's all in here. This is a remarkable book.


More Testimonial Quotes for Forgiving The Unforgivable

Andrew Cohen

This is a powerful book. Many spiritual teachers and wisdom traditions, both ancient and modern, preach compassion, forgiveness, non-judgment and peace. But rarely do we get the opportunity to bear witness to these ideals being lived when the practitioners are quite literally under fire. In this original, bold, and moving account, Master Charles Cannon and his students demonstrate rare integrity and courage in their convictions. They speak with a spiritual self-confidence that only comes from deep insight into what lies beyond life and death.

Andrew Cohen
Author of Evolutionary Enlightenment

Steven Halpern

"Helping us make sense of the Mumbai terrorist attack, "Forgiving the Unforgivable" demonstrates how a more inclusive philosophical and spiritual perspective can not only heal the wounds of this event, but contribute to a greater understanding that supports peaceful resolutions to warring factions throughout the world."

Steven Halpern, Ph.D.
Recording Artist/Sound Healer

Patrick Bernard

"Master Charles's newest book made me realize that the process of forgiveness is not only happening in the mind. Real forgiveness becomes noticeable in the core of the human psychic heart. A complete change of heart must be there. Being born in North Africa during the 50's, I had a childhood experience of extreme bloody violence. The Algerian civil war was truly an intense trauma for a seven year old boy. Later in life, I was not even conscious of the trauma, the rage inside, ignoring the cause of the anger, the constant frustration, the fear of sudden noises, the unfathomable craving to know death. For years together my desire was to become a compassionate human being in order to be able to forgive all the hellish nightmares of this war. I made some progress; yet, nobody told me perfectly how to do that. Finally, Master Charles's investigation in Forgiving the Unforgivable contributed to my ultimate healing. Even today, reading it again page after page, I notice that the mind becomes quiet, the deep-rooted toxic emotional memories are literally transformed into positive waves of energy, and moreover, the heavy cover of the heart opens up.

The result is that a new understanding of life itself springs up spontaneously from the bottom of the heart. This piece of literature is definitely transformational. Forgiving the Unforgivable is a profound source of immense healing. A solace. A total relief. Reading it will give us day after day an intense feeling of pure delight. I would call it the science of forgiveness. Thank you Master Charles"

Patrick Bernard
Recording Artist/Composer


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