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Renewal and Abundance Yagna

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

StormCleanUpJune2012-2Recent storms that swept the US East Coast caused extensive damage to the Sanctuary forest. We appreciate the response to our recent appeal for clean-up assistance and are moving forward to restore Synchronicity Sanctuary to its pristine natural state.

This project requires professional assistance and while we expect an excellent outcome, our cost will be approximately $10,000. Consequently, we will have a Special Synchronicity Celebration ... the Renewal and Abundance Yagna ... and are inviting everyone's participation in this opportunity for investment in positive force. The intention is fundraising with all proceeds going to this project.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Sunday High-Tech Empowerments In August

Celebration of the Modern Master

The Master's Day Summer Retreat - the Future of Now

mandala-half2At this year's Master's Day Summer Retreat, July 19-22, 2012, we honored Master Charles Cannon, the Modern Master with a traditional garland presented at the special Yagna celebrated in honor of this auspicious occasion.

We also enjoyed a Stillpointe meditation and intriguing dialogues about the Singularity and the Future of Now. In these Master Charles explored the role of biological and technological evolution giving us a glimpse of the future of ourselves as evolving forms of consciousness.

To view a slideshow of the Master Day Retreat, click here.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality

school-model-1Starting August 1st the Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality will offer the first three courses of the new seven course curriculum, Introduction to Modern Spirituality, the Holistic Model of Reality, and High-Tech Meditation.

Each of these sequential courses is a pre-requisite for the one that follows. By offering an additional program each month students can continue in the sequence without a delay. Eventually all seven courses will be ongoing every month.

Starting in September we will offer the first three courses plus Course Four (Holistic Lifestyle) for those ready to move on.

In addition, students can enroll in Recognitions or upgrade to the next level by visiting the School website. All of the Recognitions resources such as affirmations and explanations of the monthly themes are available there. Students can also pose questions to facilitators by visiting the Recognitions section of the School website.

To peruse the School of Modern Spirituality, or to enroll in Recognitions or one of our online courses visit

Friday, 10 August 2012

Kia Scherr Honored the 2012 International Forgiveness Day

kia-awardKia Scherr will be one of the honorees at the 16th Annual Forgiveness Day Conference at Dominican University in San Rafael, California. The designation of "Hero of Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Peace" is bestowed upon those who have courageously and dramatically stepped forward to demonstrate and exemplify the concept of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace.

The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to evoke the healing spirit of forgiveness worldwide.

Friday, 10 August 2012

One Life Alliance India

AvnitKaurOLAAmbassadorKia Scherr just returned from another trip to India where she continues to promote the One Life Alliance message of the sacredness of life. One of many ongoing projects is at the Millennium School in Meerut India where, on the 23rd of July, students took the pledge facilitated by OLA Ambassador Avnit Kaur.

Two hundred students, along with their teachers, pledged to give an affirmative response to the negation of life, therefore participating in the leading edge of this new paradigm which inspires us to awaken from the habitual sleepwalk of separation and isolation.

As the Millennium family joins thousands of others in the practices of this 30-day pledge, they will begin to experience what it means to truly awaken to the love, compassion and peace arising from the truth that we are all one.

Friday, 10 August 2012