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In the Spotlight: Julie Cowley

Julie Cowley

In the Spotlight: Julie Cowley

Meditation... Ah, meditation… What a blessing it has and continues to be. In 2008 I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Master Charles at an event in Southern California. Immediately I felt a blissful, loving presence and knew it was a privilege and blessing to meet him. I have met and read books by all kinds of teachers, but none has provided me with the palpable experience of divine love that Master Charles did and continues to do. His holistic awareness is a true gift that consistently reminds me of who I am, eternally. And this is not just an intellectual understanding - it is a real experience for me.

I have now been regularly meditating for the past few years with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation soundtracks. I have also participated in the serve/study program at the last five Stillpointe Meditation retreats at Synchronicity, which have been nothing short of amazing. My state of consciousness is continually growing in bliss, peace and awareness. Sometimes I walk out the door and go about my day and feel like I'm at a meditation retreat. I feel joyful, open, curious, creative, playful, centered in the moment and full of appreciation for life. When I experience a bump in my life, I move through it more peacefully and with greater awareness. I am enjoying the fulfilling journey of meditation and look forward to the continued growth and balance it provides.

Monday, 01 December 2014

Spend the Holidays with Synchronicity and Master Charles Cannon

Spend the Holidays with Synchronicity and Master Charles Cannon

Our special holiday schedule includes the following events:

Empowerment Sunday, December 14th, 11:00 am, Meditation Hall. Enjoy a dialogue and High-Tech Meditation® with Master Charles followed by an opportunity to greet him. High Tech Empowerments follow the program for Recognitions Associates. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 757-644-3400 X3393 to book your empowerment.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year with a week-long extended “Open House”, December 24th through January 1st 2015. Enjoy living within the empowering sourcefield of Synchronicity Sanctuary with its daily Holistic Lifestyle and High-Tech Meditation schedule, and choose from a wide variety of optional holistic protocols to enhance your experience as you participate in the blissful spirit of Synchronicity’s holiday season.

Christmas Eve: A special meditation program with Master Charles Cannon.

Christmas Day: Enjoy a vegan Christmas Day dinner with Master Charles Cannon followed by a Christmas reception and desserts—then a movie in the Community Hall.

December 31: Special New Year’s Eve meditation with Master Charles Cannon.

January 1st, 2015: New Year’s Day brunch

Guests are welcome to stay at the Sanctuary for a daily per-diem cost of only $100 per day ($185 for couples, which includes lodging and meals along with all the special holiday activities including evening gatherings with Master Charles Cannon.

Consider a personal holiday season gift to yourself and pull back from your usual focus to be in the presence of a living master spiritual teacher during this special time of the year. Complete your 2014 journey in holistic experience and set your course for 2015.

To reserve a place for your stay at the Sanctuary during Christmas / New Year, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 757-644-3400, extension 3393.

Monday, 01 December 2014

The Holiday Gift Fund Raffle

The Holiday Gift Fund Raffle

Take advantage of this special opportunity to gift Master Charles Cannon during the Holiday Season when you participate in the Master Charles Cannon 2014 Holiday Gift Fund Raffle. This is a yearly opportunity to offer a personal holiday season gift to Master Charles and a way of expressing your gratitude for the empowering gift he eternally gives. The Holiday Raffle also gives you the chance to win one of three special prizes:

1st prize - A Synchronicity Retreat of your choice in 2015

2nd prize – One year’s subscription to the Circle of One, Gold Account, which includes Modern Spirituality TV, the School of Modern Spirituality and discounts on Synchronicity retreats and products.

3rd prize – A Recognitions or Core Dynamics phase upgrade.

Each raffle ticket is $10. Purchase multiple tickets to increase your chances of winning. Drawing for the prizes will take place on January 12, 2015.

Don't miss this opportunity to honor Master Charles Cannon and support the non-profit work of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality.

To participate in the 2014 Holiday Gift Fund Raffle, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 757-644-3400 Ext. 3387

Monday, 01 December 2014