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Masters Day Webcast

Masters Day WebcastMaster spiritual teachers are the rarest of human beings. Anchored in holistic experience, they teach without words and empower everyone with their blissful presence.

Masters Day is the westernization of a time-honored holiday in which people pay tribute to their spiritual teacher. It is traditionally celebrated on the full moon during the month of July. In this special Masters Day Webcast, Master Charles Cannon delineates the role of the master spiritual teacher and its significance as an evolutionary necessity in individuated consciousness.

Join us for this Masters Day Webcast in which the focus is the celebration of the master spiritual teacher.

Date: Saturday July 20th, 2013          Time: 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm Eastern

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Announcing Sync PH 2.0 Bliss ...

SynchPh-BLiss-150... a new addition to our downloadable Sync PH line of holistic audio technology.

The latest addition to our Sync PH audio technology is Sync PH Bliss. For those of you who find Golden High to be an important part of your technologies of now, Sync PH Bliss adds another dimension. Sync PH Bliss has the vibratory frequency of Kratom, an alkaloid that is used for chronic pain, stress, depression and well-being. Thus, Sync PH Bliss produces a palpable experience of well-being in addition to the expansive bliss that is associated with Golden High.

Use Sync PH Bliss for meditation or anytime you feel the need to balance the experience of pain, stress, mood variations or enhance the experience of well-being. You will find it to be a valuable upgrade to our already acclaimed line of Sync PH audio products.

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Thursday, 06 June 2013

Spring at Synchronicity Sanctuary

150Masters-Day-087Synchronicity Sanctuary in west-central Virginia is truly a four-season experience. In this wonderful location that is the home of a modern spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon, the ever new seasons give us an abundance of joy (and work)! Here in mid-Spring nature is everywhere—from the verdant forests to the spring flowers to the growing grass. Everywhere we look there is beauty and bounty. The local Farmer's Market has new produce each week. The hydrangeas behind Synchronicity's Integrative Service Building are just days away from showing hundreds of light blue flower clusters, and our bluebirds are starting their second family of the season.

Monday, 03 June 2013

A Letter to a Terrorist ... Premiers at Cannes Film Festival

A short film entitled A Letter to a Terrorist made in Mumbai features Kia Scherr reading a letter she wrote to the lone surviving terrorist of 26/11. The film, which was produced by Vennila Films, premiered on May 19th at the Cannes Film Festival, and will also be presented at the Inigo Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro as well as the Indian Film Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Pope Francis will view the film when he attends the Vatican sponsored International Youth Festival which is in Rio at the same time as the Inigo Film Festival.

Monday, 03 June 2013

Spring Stillpointe Retreat and Yagna Concludes at Synchronicity Sanctuary

The 2013 Spring Stillpointe Retreat and Yagna at Synchronicity Sanctuary is complete. Participants from all over the world experienced this semi-annual immersion in the holistic sourcefield of a master spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon.

The retreat theme was, "Wakefulness in Daily Life ... The Power of Presence". Each evening, Master Charles dialogued this theme with guests and staff. The experience of his empowering sourcefield completely validated that time spent in the presence of a master spiritual teacher is invaluable to holistic evolution in consciousness. The highlight of the week were the five evening Stillpointe Meditation sessions with Master Charles and the transformative energy of the simultaneous Yagna (Sacred Fire Ritual) dedicated to the Divine Feminine.

Monday, 27 May 2013