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In the Spotlight: Joanne Callahan

In 2008, after seeing a presentation at a large entrepreneurial business conference, I decided to try meditation again.  My goal was to seek the deep inner peace I needed to accept what was looming in my not-too-distant future.  My husband, 25 years my senior, was aging and reaching the last years of his life.

I had tried meditation in the past but was not successful.  However, my dear friend Mary Cowley introduced me to Synchronicity High Tech Meditation and I began the Recognitions Program.  I was delighted that I could begin, but could not commit to coming to a retreat due to my care-giving responsibilities.

I had participated in the Recognitions program for about 2.5 years when an opportunity to come to a Stillpointe Retreat opened up for me just about two weeks before the program started.  This was in October 2013, not even two years ago.  I got the last room available.

Sunday, 31 May 2015