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In The Spotlight: Mureen Mills

Mureen Mills

I was always looking for something.  Something seemed to be missing from my life, and I often felt a sadness that came from I didn’t know where.

I read a lot of self-help books and undertook many suggestions for healthy eating and exercise, but still felt lacking.  Someone suggested meditation so I took up Tai Chi, a moving meditation.  I tried sitting meditation many times, but I could never settle for long.

One day at a low point in my life, I walked into a bookshop in the city, looking for a book that might offer me insight into my life’s problems.   As I was browsing the shelves a book literally fell off the shelf into my hand.  It was The Bliss of Freedom by Master Charles.   It looked interesting, so I bought it.

Once home I eagerly started reading.  At the back of the book there was information about meditating while listening to music created by Master Charles.  I decided to give it a go and phoned up and ordered.

Once I listened to those cassette tapes, meditation came easy and I could not stop.

My facilitator encouraged me to come and experience a retreat with Master Charles.  That first night with Master Charles was such an awesome experience, especially receiving his blessing during the greeting.

I walked back to my cabin with newly-made friends and we were laughing together and falling over.  We were drunk on love -- such was the impact of our experience.

After that beginning 18 years, ago I attended every program when Master Charles came to Australia and also many programs at the Sanctuary in Virginia, including serve study for several weeks and the Teacher Certification Training.   Also I was privileged to be with Master Charles in India.

It hasn’t been all blissful, there have been big upheavals at times especially after Mumbai, but always Master Charles’ love and support and guidance was there along the way and, over the years, I moved more and more away from sadness and into love and peace.

My life now is full of happiness and love, and I am forever grateful to have Master Charles in my life.

Wednesday, 02 March 2016

View Master Charles’ Valentine’s Day Webcast Until March 14th

If you missed Master Charles’ Valentine’s Day Webcast with his holistic perspective on love followed by Q & A and a guided meditation, the video is available through March 14th, 2016.

Cost: $29 (No charge for Circle of One members)

Circle of One Gold members have unlimited access to this video (and all of our archived videos) and also have the option of downloading it to play on another device. Click Here to join the Circle of One

Wednesday, 02 March 2016

In Memoriam: Master Joe Slicker

Long time Synchronicity Associate Joe Slicker, known fondly as Master Joe, made his transition on Ash Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 at age 95. Joe was a regular attendee at retreats until recently when his declining health made travel impossible. He was also a dedicated meditator who was in direct mentoring with Master Charles for many years. He will be long remembered for his bright smile and the love he shared with everyone he met. He was indeed masterful. We join his son John in saying, “We grieve and celebrate his amazing and wondrous completed life.”

Wednesday, 02 March 2016

Participate in The Weekly Sacred Fire Ritual

Julie Cowley

Every Sunday morning at Synchronicity Sanctuary we conduct the Sacred Fire Ritual. This time honored archetypal ritual is dedicated to the Divine Feminine and saturates the entire Sanctuary with a holistic, positive-dominant field.
“I have never encountered any ritual more powerful. It has been preserved in its original form for almost ten thousand years. It originates in the oldest divine revelation and expresses the holistic model of reality in its entirety. The original Sanskrit language has been impeccably maintained and insures its purity. In other words, it manifests its intention.”
          — Master Charles Cannon
Synchronicity Associates who are unable to attend in person can still participate through financial sponsorship, a great opportunity to invest in positive force. When you participate, your name will be chanted and placed into the sacred fire connecting you to the empowerment of the ritual. Some suggested contributions are as follows:
One Week $25
One Month $100
Six Months $550
One Year $1050
Call for reservations: To participate or for more information, contact us at
757 644-3400, Ext.3387 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Wednesday, 02 March 2016