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Modern Spirituality...

a definition from Master Charles Cannon

The following is a quote from Master Charles expressing everything we are about at Synchronicity. Look for it on other Synchronicity communications as a regular reminder of our focus.

"Modern Spirituality is a holistic philosophy of life and lifestyle relevant to the times in which we live. It opens one to the experience of true reality, the source of all life, that is one blissful consciousness... within the eternal now of its happening."

- Master Charles Cannon

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Autumn Specials

The following autumn specials are now available:


  • The Bliss of Freedom, Master Charles Cannon's enlightening autobiography, plus Forgiving the Unforgivable, both for just $29.95.
  • The Bliss of Freedom and Forgiving the Unforgivable, plus Modern Spirituality, The Power of Balanced Living (book and CD). With this deluxe package, you can experience High-Tech Meditation and explore the Holistic Lifestyle. The result? A daily, sustainable experience of balance, wholeness and fulfillment. Special price for all three: $48.95
Sunday, 30 September 2012

Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality - October Update

school1October marks the sixth month of our popular School of Modern Spirituality, and the start of The Mind-field and the Heart-field, Course 5 of the seven-course curriculum. Both students and faculty are enjoying the School's comprehensive content as it unfolds in each succeeding course.

Master Charles presents the first course, Introduction to Modern Spirituality, which is the foundation course in the curriculum. Click Here to register for the Introduction to Modern Spirituality class which begins November 1st.

If you have completed Courses 1-4 (Introduction to Modern Spirituality, The Holistic Model of Reality, High-Tech Meditation, and Holistic Lifestyle), you are eligible to register for Course 5, The Mind-field and Heart-field.

Each of the courses is a pre-requisite for the one that follows. Eventually all seven courses will be ongoing every month.

Students can also enroll in Recognitions, upgrade to the next level, or pose questions to facilitators by visiting the School website. All Recognitions resources, such as affirmations and explanations of the monthly themes, are available there.

To peruse the School of Modern Spirituality, or to enroll in Recognitions or in one of our online courses, Click Here.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Master Charles in Mexico


Master Charles spent two weeks in Mexico in September where he was featured in the "Evolution Program" for Synchronicity Mexico. This popular program is an introduction to Modern Spirituality for people interested in High-Tech Meditation and the Holistic Lifestyle. He also participated in several media and private events sponsored by friends of Synchronicity Mexico. He concluded his trip with programs in Acapulco.

Visit the Synchronicity Mexico Website to Learn More

Sunday, 30 September 2012

New Diet and Food Plan at Synchronicity

Food-Vegan-Diet-1In a continuing effort to improve health and physical balance at Synchronicity, we now enjoy a plant-based, whole-food diet with minimum processed food. This change is based on research which supports the health and nutritional benefits associated with minimizing the intake of animal products and focusing instead on organic, locally-grown food.

Amongst the many benefits of this change are a diet which helps break food cravings for processed, sweet and fatty foods by increasing intake of those which are high-fiber and low-fat. The diet also helps boost the body's appetite-taming hormone, leptin. Synchronicity staff and community members rate the new recipes on a weekly basis and the feedback has been very positive.

Food-Vegan-Diet-2Visitors including retreat attendees can look forward to enjoying all of the benefits of the new diet when they stay at Synchronicity.

For more information see: The China Study by Colin Campbell, PhD, and Forks over Knives (the book and DVD), or Breaking the Food Seduction by Neal Barnard, MD.

Cafe lovers needn't worry. The cafe, now featuring delicious vegan versions of your favorite desserts, will still be open daily after lunch and dinner during retreats.

If you missed the October Stillpointe Retreat, plan now to Attend the Masters New Year Empowerment Retreat December 29, 2012 to January 1, 2013.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Synchronicity at Pathways Expo

18On Sunday, September 23rd, Synchronicity Foundation participated in the Annual Pathways Expo in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. For 8 hours, thousands of people flocked to the Expo for the latest in health and well-being, products, and teachings. The Synchronicity booth was packed all day, as people learned about and experienced High-Tech Meditation. In addition, Dr. Phil Duncan presented a popular special session on High-Tech Meditation.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

New Year Empowerment Retreat

01Plan now to join us over the New Year's Holiday for this popular and special annual retreat with Master Charles. At this sacred and introspective time of the year, the retreat offers a special opportunity to join with Master Charles and the Synchronicity Community, as we drink deeply at the well of Spirit and recommit ourselves to the wakeful evolution of our consciousness.

The program includes daily sessions with Master Charles and staff. A Stillpointe Meditation Session and a High-Tech Empowerment are included on New Year's Eve. For more information, click here.

Sunday, 30 September 2012