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Gratitude... Sponsors of Synchronicity's Renewal and Abundance Yagna

We thank and acknowledge the many sponsors of Synchronicity's Special Renewal and Abundance Yagna celebrated August 18, 2012. This Yagna was held as a fundraiser to offset the cleanup costs incurred when storms swept through the Sanctuary, seriously damaging the forest. A significant part of the cost of restoring Synchronicity Sanctuary to its pristine condition has been actualized through your support.

Sponsorship of a Yagna is more than just financial support. It represents a personal intention that connects with the positive dominant field created by the Sacred Fire Ritual. Thus, the sponsor greatly benefits in ways that reflect the effect of the positive dominant field in his / her life. It is a great blessing to be able to participate in a Yagna through sponsorship.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Master Charles Cannon on Modern Spirituality TV

If you can't visit the Synchronicity Sanctuary, you can still experience the power of Master Charles' holistic presence every time you tune in to Modern Spirituality TV with your computer or portable device. On Modern Spirituality TV, you will find Master Charles' free “Weekly Contemplation” videos, in addition to a free “Sunday Morning Meditation with Master Charles” on the first Sunday of every month.

  1. Additional videos are available with a subscription, which includes the following:
  2. Master Charles' monthly dialogue on topics of current interest;
  3. Master Charles' monthly question and answer sessions, as well as the opportunity for you to submit your questions;
  4. Sunday Morning Meditation programs with Master Charles for the remaining Sundays of the month;
  5. Periodic webinars and special events;
  6. Presentations by Synchronicity Certified Teachers.

Subscription contribution: One month for $12 (or $15 with download privileges); six months for $60 (or $70 with download privileges).

Visit Modern Spirituality TV


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sunday Morning Meditation and High-Tech Empowerments

mandala-half2A large audience gathered for Sunday Morning Meditation with Master Charles Cannon on Sunday, August 18, 2012. Many more participated via webcast on Modern Spirituality TV. All experienced Master Charles' inspiring Dialogue followed by High-Tech Meditation. Following the program, many guests elected to also experience the High-Tech Empowerment with Master Charles, which is only periodically offered.

The next Sunday Morning Meditation with Master Charles offering the High-Tech Empowerment will be in November. Check our calendar for the exact date and mark it on your calendar as an important event you will want to attend.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Synchronicity Spotlight

Erin-Heylin-for-newsletterIn August, Erin Heylin from Chicago visited us for a personal serve study retreat.   She has visited the Sanctuary regularly with her mother and sister since she was fourteen and now, as a wise woman of seventeen, Erin made her first solo visit with the intention to get clear in herself before returning to school.

She said "The week was amazing; I had so many great teachers to share with, but mostly I listened to what was being shared with me.  In my final years of school and making the transition into adulthood, I had no idea how fast I was going until I got here and now I see. I have slowed down.  This is an experience I will take back with me and remember as I return to school.” 

We wish Erin well in her final school year and look forward to her return. She is a beautiful bright light in the world!

Thursday, 13 September 2012