Accolades for Master Charles' Webcast, December 4, 2012

Recently, a large webcast audience listened attentively and experienced Master Charles Cannon in a role he serves well -- a social commentator coming from his holistic perspective of modern spirituality. His subject was, "From Competition to Cooperation, How to Create a Sustainable Future Together, A Modern Spiritual Perspective".

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If you participated in the webcast, you know the power of the experience. People all across the world enjoyed the experience of holistic empowerment with Master Charles Cannon.

And remember, there are two additional Free Webcasts scheduled:

February 12, 2013:How to Offer a Truthful, Responsible Contribution That Makes a Difference in the World... A Modern Spiritual Perspective.Read more.

March 12, 2013:Singularity and the Future of Now... A Modern Spiritual Perspective. Read more.

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