Announcing Sync PH 2.0 Bliss ...

SynchPh-BLiss-150... a new addition to our downloadable Sync PH line of holistic audio technology.

The latest addition to our Sync PH audio technology is Sync PH Bliss. For those of you who find Golden High to be an important part of your technologies of now, Sync PH Bliss adds another dimension. Sync PH Bliss has the vibratory frequency of Kratom, an alkaloid that is used for chronic pain, stress, depression and well-being. Thus, Sync PH Bliss produces a palpable experience of well-being in addition to the expansive bliss that is associated with Golden High.

Use Sync PH Bliss for meditation or anytime you feel the need to balance the experience of pain, stress, mood variations or enhance the experience of well-being. You will find it to be a valuable upgrade to our already acclaimed line of Sync PH audio products.

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