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The Masters Day Summer Retreat July 19-22: "The Future of Now."

csnpj98cCome celebrate the Modern Master, Master Charles Cannon, at this year's Masters Day Summer Retreat as he combines both biological and technological evolution to support the exploration of true reality.

Some of the intriguing topics that will be the focus of Master Charles' dialogues include:

  • What is the Singularity and when will it be actualized?
  • Are you aware that the information processing device in your hand will soon surpass the information processing capacity of your brain? As information processing technology accelerates, how then will you keep pace with it as a means of exploring the experience of true reality?
  • Is egocentric, life-negative and fear-based experience becoming an experience of the past?
  • As consciousness evolves into the future of itself, will trans-egocentric, life-affirmative and love-based experience become the norm?

Time spent with Master Charles Cannon is always an experience of holistic awareness expansion as he opens windows of possibility. Join us for what promises to be a most amazing retreat as Master Charles adeptly guides us to a place where we may glimpse the future of ourselves as evolving forms of consciousness.

To learn more about this special retreat, contact us at 757-644-3400 or visit the Synchronicity Retreats section of our website,