Singularity and the Future of Now

A Modern Spiritual Perspective

Molecular-Thoughts-28624526Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 1:00 pm EST, rebroadcast at 9:00 pm EST

The term "Singularity" has been used to describe a moment in our near future when known scientific laws break down, and when artificial intelligence surpasses that of human beings. The two big questions, then, are: when will this happen and will mankind survive?

While many people have heard the term Singularity, few understand what it is really all about. There is, in fact, a very different way to view this phenomenon. From a modern spiritual perspective, the Singularity is already here. Consciousness creates itself newly in each moment. Now, now and now... it is evolving, and it includes both biology and technology.

This webinar explores the Singularity archetype, not as a future happening but as a present moment experience. You've already glimpsed it. Do you want to live it?
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