How Awake Are You?

What is true awakening? Here, there, and everywhere more and more people are awakening to the truth and questioning the American Dream. Recent polls show that most people say the American Dream is no longer relevant, it doesn’t apply, it’s a thing of the past, unimportant.

What the Dream represents isn’t real and these statistics suggest awakening is increasingly happening. Greater numbers of people everyday are doubting, questioning and awakening. That’s what my new book, Awakening From the American Dream: From Crisis to Consciousness, is really about. It is about meeting all the people who are awakening and supporting them in that process.

The American Dream is born of the primary intention in consciousness to ever more fully be itself. It’s a stage in the process of discovery and exploration—an evolutionary process. We human beings are evolutionary forms, individuated forms of consciousness through which consciousness explores the experience of itself. The experience of those of us who are awake as well as those of us who are still asleep anywhere on this planet -- and in fifty billion simultaneous universes -- is all valid. However, we can be informed about the experience we are having, which is where our feet are when we evolve to a certain level of self-awareness termed “awakening”. From that point onward, we have evolved enough self-awareness to be aware of ourselves being. Then we can be informed about the mechanics of our being, the construct of the consciousness that we are.

The awakening experience extracts us from the dream. It reverses the polarized dominance of the dream by increasing truth and decreasing illusion to reveal the experience of true reality.

Taken from Master Charles’ opening dialogue at the March, 2014 Wake Up and Be Happy Retreat.