In The Spotlight: Alicia Anderson

Alicia Anderson

Over a decade ago I learned about Synchronicity at a local yoga studio where I taught and practiced. At that time I was a bit of a spiritual shopper, jumping from Buddhism to Sufism to Native American sweat lodges and yearning to connect with something deeper to fill a void of lack and doubt, due in part to my age and growing up in the South.

There had to be something out there that would make me complete, give me purpose, and I just knew, without a doubt, it was going to be magical, right? I had the itch and fortunately discovered Synchronicity in my early 20’s, when we are naturally more curious and testing our surroundings.

About 6 months after joining the Recognitions program, a group of students from our meditation class attended a 4-day mini retreat at Synchronicity Sanctuary in Virginia. It was strange how the Synchronicity terminology, such as positive and negative polarity for example, began to make sense. I had been listening to our local teacher describe the holistic model of reality, but honestly, it felt like a foreign language to me. Then, after spending a few days at the Sanctuary with Master Charles and his incredibly supportive staff, the layers began to peel back, and an experience, the Synchronicity experience, became very real for me.

I like to call the Sanctuary my Heaven on Earth. The pristine energetic of Master Charles, his staff, and of course the grounds where years and years of meditative lifestyle have taken place, carries a lot of weight. There is a level of peace and bliss not available many places in our modern world. Traveling to the Sanctuary is like reading the book and watching the movie at the same time, and when watching the movie you are actually a character within it. For me the experience was visceral, and undeniably transformational. If that’s not magical, then, I don’t know what is.

I began to share my experience with friends and family and am proud to say that I now have the deepest connection possible to my mother, also a student of Master Charles. I joke when I say that my mother and I endured the equivalent of 40 years of intense therapy in about 4 years. Although we have become closer and closer, in fact, all of my relationships, including the one with myself, deepened.

I had finally found my truth in becoming truthful with my nature, history and experiences, while cultivating love, acceptance, and forgiveness. I have truly gained so much emotional and mental freedom, along with the courage to live the life I want.

Now, in my late thirties, pregnant with my second child, I have less time for a formal meditation practice. Master Charles said that my children would become my practice. The years spent cultivating awareness, under the guidance of Master Charles and staff, have proven invaluable. I can meditate while brushing my teeth, or changing a dirty diaper, and for this, I am eternally grateful.