In the Spotlight: Bonnie Sullivan

My manicurist turned me on to Synchronicity!  Yes, it's true!

I subscribed to a new age magazine and gave her an old copy. The next time I saw her, she told me about some ads with some free things including a cassette tape from a nearby place in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!  It was a meditation center called Synchronicity...practically in my back yard!  I had been looking for something like this expecting to find it in Colorado, Arizona, California...anywhere but here! (In Virginia?!)

I reviewed the brochures that came with the audio tape and learned that Synchronicity offered meditation programs as well as retreats. Very interesting!

More than that, however, there was a Master of Meditation at Synchronicity who had created what was called “High Tech” meditation using music and brain balancing technologies to enhance and quadruple the speed of your meditative experience!! I was hooked! Sign me up!  I called up, ordered the Recognitions program, and registered for the introductory retreat.   Can you tell I was excited to begin?

I began using the tapes with the technology as directed, and they delivered everything they promised and more!   I was thrilled!!!

Eventually I made it to the Sanctuary. In my initial meeting with Master Charles, I was instinctively drawn to him, although I have to acknowledge, I was also a bit afraid of him. Over time, my awe and respect have grown, as well as love and joy, in his energetic presence.

It has been over 20 years now (17 years of them in Personal Mentoring with Master Charles)…this journey with a master spiritual teacher, and it has been the most self-transforming, loving, liberating, and enlightening time of my entire life. The true spiritual journey has its ups and downs as we dimensionally grow, but through it all Master Charles has been my anchor, my teacher and mentor, my friend…my inspiration …for this amazing man “walks his talk” like no other. I cannot imagine my life without his guidance and grace.