In the Spotlight: Caroline Musy

Caroline Musy

I met Master Charles in 2010 at a week-end retreat in Cancun, and was very impressed by his presence and his talks. However, it was not yet my time and, although I had his CD and book, they remained untouched and I did not meditate at all for a year.

In  January 2011, Master Charles returned to Cancun and came every evening for an "open doors meditation" at my Yoga school. From the FIRST day I said, “That's it! I want to live this experience and meditate for the rest of my life!”

That week, many things happened to me. During the meditation, I was able to see beautiful pink, purple and blue colors, and I went “absent” several times.  However the cherry on the cake was when I saw two light beings that appeared some minutes before Master Charles entered the room. I thought it was my imagination until he said to me: “I am happy you are able to see! These two beings are my Master and the Divine Mother, they are always with me!”

In March 2011, I attended my first retreat at Synchronicity, what a beautiful experience! Since then, every year I try to attend Master Charles’ Birthday retreat, and the last 2 years I attended a Stillpointe retreat. I also joined the Recognitions Program.

Today my life is completely different.  I experience expanded awareness, I am happy most of the time, and I am joyful, free, excited, loving, healthy, peaceful, strong, focused, creative and successful. I am more in Being than in Becoming and live every moment focusing on the now. Most of my close friends are walking on the same spiritual path of consciousness, awareness and evolution. I am so blessed to know Master Charles, listen to him, read his books, use his technology, receive empowerments, and enjoy his great sense of HUMOR!