In the Spotlight: Chris Lober

I began the Recognitions program in 1996, and have been meditating regularly ever since.

My first years were primarily solo, as I could readily see how powerful the Recognitions assisted meditations were but was a bit intimidated by Master Charles. Here was someone who could size me up in a heartbeat, and I was afraid of what he might see. Perhaps his energetic had something to do with this!

I continued through the Recognitions Program, keeping somewhat of a distance, but always active via the e-mail network Synchronicity had at the time. Fast forward to 2006, when the Blessed Mother appeared, and I suddenly had this urge to come to the Sanctuary. I attended a weekend retreat and had this amazing and powerful awakening. Barely able to get off my seat, I exited the meditation hall, and started to figure out how to get back for the next retreat! It was a glorious time, as I was in a state of peace, love, and spiritual exuberance for a steady two years.

Of course, this also brought me closer to Master Charles, as I now recognized him for the Spiritual Master that he is. Steady attendance at retreats, facilitated mentoring and later direct mentoring have all added to my increasing wholeness and I continued to have other powerful mystical experiences and openings, the larger ones always in the presence of Master Charles.

My latest recognition is of the smooth and steady empowerment that Master Charles has given me over the years. There are so many stories of people having awakenings, and then spending years getting back to some semblance of balance. As they say, the mark of the real Master isn’t if he can awaken others, but if he/she is able to guide the disciple’s awakening to its culmination smoothly. Master Charles is an expert in this regard, and my family and I are most grateful that I can maintain a very demanding career and family in the midst of very powerful experiences.

Looking back, it has been an amazing journey. I am ever grateful to Master Charles for teaching and guiding me to ever increasing peace, love, and mastery. I would have never thought it was all inside of me from the very beginning!