In the Spotlight: Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson

Deborah has been a Synchronicity associate since 2006 when she attended her first retreat and has been fortunate enough to be at every Stillpointe Retreat since then. She reports that the amplification of power from those retreats has created tremendous transformation in her life, and she enjoys watching her expanded state of being create phenomenal shifts in her experience upon her return home.

She has been in Personal Mentoring with Master Charles since 2008 and says “It is the best gift I could give myself. His truthful teachings have assisted me in clearing out those illusory cobwebs that impair my wholeness -- and his entrainments knock my socks off!”

Deborah is also a Synchronicity Certified Teacher and lives in Tennessee where she is retired from operating a home health/hospice business. Her life these days is full of delight with her eight amazing grandchildren.