In the Spotlight: Desmond Clark

Desmond Clark

I became aware of a Brother Charles in the 1980's -- I think it was not my time to meet him then. I rediscovered him as Master Charles in 2012 when looking up the word synchronicity -- and bam -- there he was! I marveled at all the new techie stuff he had and felt an energy coming from the Synchronicity website and the School of Modern Spirituality. When I experienced that, off I went and joined up! I went through the entire course at the School and moved on into Recognitions.

Since 2012 I have been to two retreats and enjoyed myself tremendously as I continued to expand in consciousness. I find Master Charles to be a man of his word and his authentic energy really helped me live my life with more awareness and love than ever before. I truly am so grateful for his deep wisdom and in-depth empowerments. Master Charles is a true master.