In the Spotlight: Dr. Zhihao Oon

Zhihao Oon

I became dimly aware of Master Charles in my early 20s when my mother started disappearing to a weird place in the America for a week or so each year. She attempted to coax me to join her but as a late developer overflowing with teenage angst, I decided that her suggestion was decidedly unwelcome and, as the late Frankie sang, I did it my way.

After a few years of intermittent and lackluster meditation with binaural beats, Buddhist chants, crystals and whatever was then fashionable in new age circles, I felt that my way was no highway and as another song laments, was always moving and going nowhere. My mother on the other hand was a completely different person, her usual anger and reactivity replaced for the most part with a calm and accepting persona. She had either been transformed by meditation or abducted by aliens and replaced with a more benign, pleasant version. It was realizing that the answer might lie with her particular type of meditation practice rather than extra-terrestrial activity and observing my ongoing frustration with my own meditations that led me to Synchronicity Foundation some 8 years ago. Synchronicity indeed…

I met Master Charles in 2007 and have not looked back. Mentoring through a facilitator rapidly became Mentoring with the Master himself and this has been a great source of solace and strength for me. As a doctor and anesthesiologist, working in high stress, life and death situations in the operating theatre or intensive care where voices are raised, tempers are frayed and time is always slipping away, I am constantly reminded of Master Charles’ mantra “Trust and Watch.” This enables me to take a mental step back and watch the scene as a detached observer whilst doing whatever needs to be done in the moment.  
On a mental level, I am more aware of my limiting stories and beliefs that would previously run my life and hold me captive; now, I am more at choice as to whether I wish to identify with them or ignore them.

Certainly, on a spiritual level, I have evolved so much since starting high-tech meditation with Synchronicity. My meditations are more profound; I get buzzing over my third eye and other chakras, see pulses of pure white light in a pitch black room, have out of body and other metaphysical experiences with astonishingly regularity. I also find myself at unprovoked random moments, happy and blissful for no good reason, grateful to be here and happy to be alive.
I can truly say that in each moment, I am more than I have ever been. Yes.